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SKU: 94945101ASM

• V-Gard coated sheet visors reliably protect against impact, chemical splash and UV radiation
• The visor sides are contoured towards face for a closer fit and Improved resistance to impact and splash hazards
• Made of 1.5mm polycarbonate they also offer protection against molten metal splash and electric arc.
• They feature a premium Anti-fog and Anti-scratch coating offering higher comfort, improved safety and increased lifetime. 
• All V-Gard visors easily fit to V-Gard Browguard, MSA10127061 and on V-Gard frames for all V-Gard helmets
They can also be worn in combination with helmet mounted ear muffs.
• For the Chinguard compatible visor options, please see MSA 10154950.
• The dimensions of the visor are 203 x 432mm.
• The Visor conforms to the following:
EN166:2001 Personal Eye Protection (2C-1,2 1B 389 KN)
2C - UV filter with enhanced colour recognition
1,2 Clear or amber ocular
1 Optical class 1 for permanent usage
BT Medium energy impact at extreme of temperatures 
3 Protection against droplets and splashes of liquids
8 Resistance to short circuit electric arc
9 Non adherence of molten metals and resistance to penetration of hot solids
KN Resistance to Scratches (K) and to Fogging of oculars (N)

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