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SKU: 2991MC

• The AirForLife Evacuation Kits are designed to enable the evacuation from fire or other emergency
situations including, high rise living and commercial buildings, tunnels, mining, rail or anywhere escape, or rescue might be a risk.

The kits include:

• The unique, patented AirForLife emergency escape device.
Universal Goggles - designed to improve visibility and protect the eyes from smoke and debris
Cyalume Lightstick- to help light up the evacuation path, or signal to potential rescuers
Cooling Towel- simply dampen and the unique towel formulation, retains water and can be used to keep head, neck and arms cool
Holster - the unique AirForLife holster is designed to quickly throw over your shoulder and hold the AirForLife cylinder close to your side, keeping your hands free.

CM1991 - Kit for single person evacuation

CM1992 - Kit for dual person evacuation.

Use a combination of kits to cover family or work colleagues

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