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SKU: 0460MC

Our range of Body Fluid Spill kits and Sharps handling kits are designed to enable any worker to deal with the problems of body fluids such as blood and vomit and the problem of discarded needles and syringes. These kits are easy to use and address all the issues that are caused by cross contamination and infections caused by Bio Hazards.

The HSE guidance on 'Blood - borne viruses in the workplace' (leaflet INDG342) and there is a provision under COSHH that employers have a legal duty to assess the risk of cross infection for employees and others affected by your work.

Carrying a Click Medical spill or sharps handling kit, will help meet these requirements and increase the confidence of employees, knowing that you as the employer are dealing with the risk attached to biohazards and their control.

Supplied in a large protective carrying case, this kit contains:

• 5 x CM 0620 Single Application Clean Up Pack
• 2 x Single Application Sharps Disposal Kit
• 1 x CM0625 Trigger Disinfectant Spray
• 1 x CM0630 100gms Super Absorbent Powder

For use anywhere that you have a reasonable risk of having to deal with Body Fluid Spill and/or incidents where you may come across used syringes and needles.

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