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SKU: 0091MC

The Product
• 10 x Washproof plasters 1.9 x 7.5cms, with Haemostatic island dressing

The Range
• Cuteeze is a range of haemostatic products specifically designed to stop wounds bleeding, from the smallest finger cut to major trauma injuries faced in industry or on the battlefield.
• Cuteeze plasters uniquely use the same technology and medical science which is utilised for these major trauma injuries by using our SCC gauze as the centre dressing of the plaster, allowing its blood stopping properties to be applied to minor, but irritating cuts and wounds.

The Science
• Cuteeze is high quality grade haemostatic gauze, PH neutral, regenerated cellulose manufactured from sodium carboxymethyl cellulose.
• This is a natural dressing that stops bleeding quickly, safely and effectively.
• When Cuteeze gauze comes in contact with the bleeding area it quickly absorbs the water contents in the exudates to form a viscous gel which fills the wound and stops the bleeding.
• This process includes joining with the bloods platelets and the clot to plug the wound and close off the blood vessels.
• Being a natural product, the gauze converts into a gel then dissolves to saline and glucose.

Why Use Cut-Eeze?
• Dressings that stop bleeding quickly, safely and effectively
• Instant reaction with blood, stops bleeding fast
• Avoids adhesion, reducing secondary trauma, dissolves naturally
• Ideal for haemophiliacs and users of 'blood thinning' and 'anti-coagulant' agents
• Natural, PH Neutral, gentle, no burning sensation
• Safe and easy to use, no side effects

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