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SKU: 0771MC

• The Kit contains items for washing chemicals from the skin
• It contains a bottle shower which allows for longer decontamination
• Also included are items for treating burns and irrigating the eyes
• In addition the kit contains safety equipment to protect the rescuer such as goggles, face mask and gloves
• Supplied in a heavy duty first aid bag

1 x Chemical Goggle
1 x Premium fold flat P2CV mask
1 x Eyewash bottle 500ml
1 x Nitrile gloves 6 pairs in a carton
3 x Foil blanket
2 x Burns dressing 20 x 20cm
1 x Tuffcut scissors 6"
1 x Mckinnon economy face shield
1 x Gauze swabs 7.5 x 7.5cm - pack of 5
1 x Black heavy weight rubber gloves
1 x Bottle shower 2L
10 x Single eyewash pod 20ML
6 x bottle water 500ML

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